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Monaco  |  Singapore  |  Shanghai | London  |  Dubai |  New York   |  Los Angeles

Global Network.

Unparalleled VVIP Access.

Dependable Discretion.

We are one of the world's leading luxury platform for UHNWIs.


Our team of global contributors write about the latest is dining, travel, luxury items and events. This is showcased in our digital magazine and social channels.


Our concierge program provides exclusive, intimate and discreet service to a global portfolio of UHNWI clientele.

We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE.



If we cannot find a client what they want, we will not take on the assignment.


Client satisfaction is our No. 1 priority and strive to uphold our unblemished record of meeting the demands of our clients. No matter how flamboyant or unattainable it may seem to be.

The Black Book Concierge

Intimate, Effective & Discreet. 


Billionaire Black Book is a global concierge platform for UHNWIs.


Our people are highly skilled, hyper connected, and most importantly dependently discrete.


Our customers rank as some of the wealthiest people on the planet, consisting of royal families, A-list celebrities, musicians, athletes, political figures and family offices.


We help them source items, experiences, and access to premium events that they cannot otherwise attain themselves, and do it in a swift, effective and discreet manner.


PKS - Tokyo

BBB managed to get me team and garage access  at Monaco GP. They also got me to meet my fav drivers. Amazing!

MD - New York

BBB Planned my entire trip for the Singapore GP nite race. We had VIP access both on & off the track. The best hotel suites, restaurants and clubs. We just showed up and had the best time.

JS - Singapore

The guys at BBB managed to get me my dream watch  by jumping the waiting list, and saved me a lot of money too in the process. So good!

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