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A Sip Taiwanese Whiskey | Billionaire Black Book

Whiskey and ice, all that we you need for a good night out. Beer might be present at every summer barbecue, but whiskey still holds its position as a gentleman's drink. Now talking about to gentlemen, everybody has their preference when it comes to this drink, but we must say that the competition is getting hard for the players.

Taiwanese whiskey

Whiskey has been around for quite awhile now, but it’s still not very easy to say what brand has the best whiskey. Though quite recently Taiwanese whiskey is taking over the competition with a storm; Taiwanese whiskey brands like Kavalan have made their way to the limelight and are showing no signs of leaving.

Kavalan's distillery takes great pride in their whiskey brewing process and spends alot of time and effort into their end product. The distillery was created by an entrepreneur who brought it to the rank it holds today.

Kavalan's whiskey

Kavalan's whiskey starts from the crystal clean waters, which is collected from the springs Snow and Central mountains. After the collection of water, the water is put through germination process by barley seed that prepares the water for the conversion into sugar. After this, the barley is turned with great precision and interval to keep in check the rate of the germination process.

After germination process, the acquired malt is put through a grinding process very similar to the grinding of coffee. The malt is taken to a mill and crushed similarly to that of coffee beans to extract the sugar out of it. The process has been used for decades and Kavalan takes pride in keeping to it.

After grinding the sugar begins the process of mashing, this further extracts the sugar out of the crushed malt by mixing it with hot water and converting it to mush like a form. After getting this sugary concoction called 'wort'. To keep the integrity of the yeast, it is important to reduce the temperature, so the yeast isn't destroyed before the start of the fermentation process.

Yeast and sugar are added to the wort along with alcohol; they also add flavor enhancers to give a deeper flavour to the whiskey. At the Kavalan distillery, the waterbacks are covered to better control the temperature of the liquid. If the temperature is not observed, then the flavor of the whiskey can be ruined with the slightest careless ness. After this, we begin the distillation process; in the Kavalan distillery the distillation process is done in two steps to extract the important components of the mixture.

After the distillation process, the whiskey is left in the Kavalan warehouses for maturation. They use oak barrels to bring better flavour to their drink. The temperature of Taiwan is high that is why Taiwanese whiskey is more mature and has a stronger flavour. After the drink is matured, it is blended by master blenders then bottled to be sent to their beloved consumers.

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