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Iran's Abbasi: The Middle East's most beautiful hotel | Billionaire Black Book

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

If you read a lot of travel magazines, there’s no way you haven’t encountered a single article justifying why you should travel to Iran at least once in your life. Iran has become super popular over the last few years and is now promotes itself as a modern, exciting and forward thinking tourist destination - and we totally agree!

Our travel team has chosen one particular hotel to add to the top of our list in Iran. We explain our reasons below.

The Abbasi

The Abbasi Hotel is an establishment located in the heart of the ancient city of Esfahan and there is no other place like it. Esfahan itself is known for being a home to a number of historical wonders including some UNESCO World Heritage sites as well and even among them, the Abbasi holds its place as an attraction in of itself; this Hotel was once a pit stop for travelling merchants on the ancient Silk road and was built almost 300 years ago under the reign of the Safavid Dynasty ruler Shah Sultan Husayn.

Uniquely and beautifully Persian

The halls of the Abbasi once provided shelter to traders and their horses and camels and over the years, it became very old and worn. Fortunately the Abbasi was restored in what it is today; a unique four star hotel with its past still housed within it. These days, hotels have to follow certain global standards to be considered good hotels; there need to be certain amenities like gyms, spas and Wi-Fi in every room but you won’t get any of that at the Abbasi; here you’ll get to live the 300 years of the Persian past it has to offer.

You can’t say that about most hotels now, can you?

Emerald green and royal

When you first walk into the halls of the Abbasi, you’ll be greeted by emerald green and jasmine blue authentic painting decorating the walls and the roofs; it is so majestic that you’ll be awestruck before you even realise that you want to reach for your camera. The detail you’ll see in these handmade paintings are far better than anything we can do to replicate them. There are 225 rooms in the Abbasi and the oldest restored rooms are were the 300 hundred years of Persian tradition is really at but they might be a little too pricey.

An oasis in the city

If the interior of the Abbasi isn’t enough for you then its open air courtyards will just blow you away; the large Persian garden is like a scene out a fantasy world, with graceful fountains and beautiful flower beds and trees. In this oasis in the middle of an otherwise busy city, you can feel like true royalty as you unwind and enjoy delicious Persia cuisine and sip tea.

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